6 Stack

Do you have too many shoes and nowhere to put them all or a collection you want to display? The 6 Stack allows you to pick and choose the perfect spot to display your shoe regardless of the room size. Step away from the boxes and give your room the personality it deserves. With no visible hardware and easy installation, the 6 Stacks can be free standing or wall-mounted allowing you to showcase your sneakers anywhere. The 6 Stack allows you to display your weekly sneaker collection in a colorful way with three bold colorways. It’s a custom-made storage system that allows you to maximize your spatial abilities in a new and innovative way. The 6 Stack is more than just a shelf. It’s a piece of culture.

Wall Mount Stack

The Wall Mount Stack was created to give you another option to organize your shoes. Just copped a new limited-edition shoe? Your sneakers are the prize; allow them to shine. The Wall Mount Stack allows you to store 4 shoes making your wall the ultimate sneaker haven. There is no need to worry about not having enough floor space because the Wall Mount Stack provides a space efficient shelving system for all your sneaker needs. The high visibility, modular build lets you display your best kicks. With the Wall Mount, you can display your shoes on the wall creating the ultimate 3D picture. Double it up with another Wall Mount Stack or pair it with one of our other products. The Wall Mount’s unique structure allows your shoes to be visible. Showcase your sneaker journey.


The 10 Stack was specifically created for people who have a passion for sneakers. Turn heads when you show your shoe collection. The contemporary storage shelf allows you to move your shoes from the closet onto the main stage, your living space. The high quality crafted shelves are both durable and easy to assemble. The 10 Stacks’ light weight makes it easy to move allowing you rearrange your Stacks as often as you choose. The custom maple wood 10 Stacks are available in variety of colors, perfectly matching your top sneaker picks. Showing your shoe collection is just as important as wearing your shoes. The 10 Stack not only provides an amazing storage option, but it’s the perfect accessory for your sneakers.


Sole Stacks is proud to work with local vendors, suppliers, and CNC manufacturers. From design to production we do a thorough check of all of our products.



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