Jacob Garcia | founder

I started Sole Stacks because of a common problem I share with other sneaker enthusiasts: too many shoes, not enough space. As a full-time footwear designer, I also know first-hand the hard work put into the story, design, and development of a shoe. Reluctant to keep my collection packed away, I wanted to display and store my shoes in a way that was both visually compelling and space efficient. With a ton of spare cardboard and my shoes in mind, I started to make prototypes. Fueled with postive feedback from the sneaker community, about a year of refining, and a partnership with a local CNC shop, I'm happy to finally share with my fellow shoe enthusiasts what their collection deserves: Sole Stacks."

Demont Campbell | Co-Owner

As a true creative entrepreneur, Demont actively strives to push the spectrum for Sole Stacks. For him, Sole Stacks provides an amazing opportunity to bring a different kind of product to sneaker collectors. Demont actively uses his background in architectural design to create new, innovate ways to add to the brand. Demont decided to become an architect because you can see a project through from start to finish. Everything excites him about the process whether he’s choosing finishes, seeing the foundation poured, or seeing the end result of a design. Working in architecture allows Demont to be actively involved. Sole Stacks is the same way. On a weekly basis, Demont enjoys ordering materials, talking to vendors, and making sure customers are happy with their product. Whether he is handling manufacturing and production, conducting photo shoots, or creating new designs, his hands are always on the product. For Demont, the great thing about Sole Stacks is the ability to tell a unique story and bring people together in an individual way.