Six Stack Maple + Neon Green

A Shoe Rack to Show Off


Short on space? That’s no excuse to pass up on a pair of limited edition sneakers. It’s time to finally show off your shoe collection with Sole Stacks’ premium Six Stack Maple shoe organizer. With a classic outer frame that’s made from finished maple plywood, this shoe rack can hold six pairs shoes that are up to a men’s size 14. Inside, neon green center shelves are placed diagonally for a futuristic look while offering a great deal of durability so you don’t have to worry about broken shelves, no matter how heavy the boot.  

It has dimensions of 19.5 x 9 x 34.5 inches, making it much smaller and space efficient than other shoe racks. It has a freestanding design that has great stability, but if you want to clear up the ground for more floor space, you can choose to wall mount it for a neat shoe display that’ll impress your guests. To accommodate a bigger collection, you can simply add another rack or two.

You can assemble our sneaker racks easily and swiftly, without any extra help so you can set it up even if you’re alone. They’re also unbelievably easy to install; forget about sitting down for half an hour with the instruction booklet. There’s no need to take a quick trip to the store because all the hardware you need for setting it up is already included. Somewhere out there is a pair of Jordans waiting to come home with you and you’ll need the extra space.

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