Ten Stack Maple + Neon Green

More Shoes in Half the Space


Never miss an opportunity to expand your shoe collection with this Ten Stack shoe rack. It’ll hold ten pairs of your best sneakers and each compartment has enough room to hold a pair of men’s size 14 high tops. 

Measuring only 19.5 x 9 x 54.5 inches, this sneaker rack offers amazing space-efficiency so you won’t have trouble making space for your shoe collection, no matter how big. It has clear center shelves that not only give your shoe storage solution a stylish finish but offer robust durability. Regardless of the floor space available to you, you can fit our Ten Stack display shoe organizer in your home. The shoe organizer is freestanding and you can mount it on the wall as well. 

You can leave behind the days when painfully long installation would keep you from actually setting up a good shoe rack; with a modern design like ours, you can assemble a perfect sneaker organizer within a couple of minutes. You won’t even need to take a trip to the hardware store for this one; the package includes all the tools and hardware you need to set it up. For a larger collection of sneakers, you can leave it free standing and pair it with a wall mounted shoe rack from Sole Stacks. Well, are you waiting for? Bring home this Ten Stack Maple shoe rack with neon green shelves, before you run out of room!

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